The Quantum Difference

Quantum Energy Indonesia has formed a team of international and local professionals with the experience and expertise to get the job done. We combine international technical expertise with local know-how, relationships and a track record of success. Furthermore we have strategically structured our business to grow with the rollout of the Indonesian Fast Track III program. This enables us to better navigate the bureaucracy and regulatory environment to construct and operate international-standard power assets while maximising returns for our investors.

Our executive team has extensive experience in renewable energy financing, development, mergers and acquisitions, project management and driving high performance teams both in Indonesia and around the world. An exceptional Board of Directors, Commissioners and Advisors support our executive team and ensure transparent oversight.

Our customers are diverse, including utilities, governments, local communities and commercial power users. We are also developing strategic partnerships with small-scale project developers, contractors, equipment suppliers, companies and investors seeking to source and invest in commercially viable renewable energy assets in Indonesia as we aggregate existing and greenfield projects into our portfolio.

Value-Driven Results

Quantum Energy Indonesia is consolidating renewable energy assets and building new projects as we work closely with PLN and our strategic partners in Indonesia. At the core of our strategy lies:

• Our commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget;
• Our ability to proactively solve problems;
• Our non-compromising commitment to excellence;
• Our ability to inspire through achievement; and
• Our commitment to meaningful sustainable development that creates a measurable return on investment.

The purpose of our work is to enable the development of profitable utility-scale clean electricity projects throughout Indonesia.

Our vision is to develop and manage a portfolio of projects that supports the goal of providing universal electricity access for all communities in the region.