Solar PV

At first glance solar PV can seem to be a fairly simple technology, however to achieve optimum performance, it is critical for an experienced project developer to be used. Utility-scale solar PV plants must be situated, designed, and integrated into the grid to ensure maximum power output with minimum grid interference – all whilst keeping costs to a minimum, whilst off-grid installations must be designed for maximum efficiency and operational lifetime. Our expertise is drawn from over 30 years of project work in 22 countries embedded in the core members of our technical team.

“Accelerating the deployment of renewable energy across Indonesia.”

Quantum Energy Indonesia is an Independent Power Producer. We are accelerating the development of both grid-connected and off-grid, remote Hydropower, Solar PV and PV-Hybrid energy solutions through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and greenfield developments. Our work will help Indonesia meet the challenges of greening its energy footprint and expanding sustainable electrification for the entire population.

Energy Access

Quantum Energy Indonesia is committed to providing Indonesian communities energy that is accessible, cleaner and more efficient. Energy that will enable businesses to grow, children to study after dark, and essential medications to be stored in clinics. Energy that will enable the growth of more resilient, competitive local economies and forge a path towards the eradication of poverty.

In remote areas without reliable access to the conventional grid, micro-grids that can reduce consumption of expensive and dirty diesel fuel by substituting renewable energy and storage are an obvious focus.

Hybrid Systems

Quantum Energy Indonesia is working at the forefront of Hybrid technology deployment in Indonesia. We aim to enable existing fossil fuel based power assets to be combined with renewable energy to increase their economical and environmental value. Hybrid systems are designed to operate as a secondary power source to reduce fossil fuel consumption. There is a significant opportunity to decrease diesel usage through the deployment of PV-Diesel systems in rural and remote locations across the country. We are also investigating the potential of co-locating technologies such as Solar PV-Gas, Solar PV-Coal and Solar PV-Biomass systems.

Small-Scale Hydropower Projects

Quantum Energy Indonesia provides a range of hydro-electric services, from the rehabilitation of existing projects to the greenfield development of small, run-of river hydropower plants. Our services include the planning, design, management, and operational elements necessary to successfully build and operate these projects in what can be extremely challenging locations and sensitive environments. Members of our team have worked in the hydropower sector for over 25 years and have been involved in the development of more than 100 hydropower projects.

A Sustainable Approach

We understand the value to people, profits and the planet by taking a more sustainable approach to business. We therefore employ leading-edge community development and social design in all of our projects to ensure meaningful sustainability is achieved across our portfolio of assets. We also demand that we receive a return on our sustainability investments by focusing on resource efficiency, growing revenues and minimising risks. We believe our work will create an international best practice study that can be replicated globally.